Part Three

“You fell in love so quickly and deeply” Nikolas said.

“I have always been a passionate person” Ambrogio replied. His eyes staring into his past life, unmoving, unflinching, and completely in the past.

“My decisions are typically emotional, impulsive, and dangerous. And my emotions cloud the mind, causing errors. Every decision we make can lead us deeper into pain, or closer to purity, mine have not led to purity in a manner that adds to the world.”

He looked up at Nikolas, his eyes back in the present. “My sudden deep love and how Apollo just took Selene from me, just led my path deeper into pain. To me, the question wasn’t whether or not I pursue Selene, it was “how do you fight a god?””

Ambrogio paused.

Nikolas remained silent despite his internal questions. The pause turned to awkward silence, leaving Nikolas to wonder if he was supposed to be asking questions, or whether the creature in front of him was removed from human timelines, unaware of the lapses, or maybe it was so drowned within himself that his mind had delved too deeply into his past that he forgot the present?

Nikolas drank some water, half watching the silent vampire as it stared into blankness, half searching the room for details, a means of escape. Not that it mattered, the room was bare, the door locked, the vampire was so swift that any attempt to leave would be rapidly outpaced. He had no option but to wait, listen and, oddly, support Ambrogio to end his existence.

The vampire returned to the present with a shift of his head, a refocusing of his eyes upon Nikolas.

“Hades is, today, made out to be a villain. I found him to be someone who was the victim of bad luck. He made the most of it, but, considering his brother Zeus lucked into ruling the heavens and his other brother, Poseidon, got the oceans, one can understand his displeasure at, literally, drawing the short straw with the Underworld. While the Underworld is not the hellfire it is portrayed to be today, it is still an unpleasant place to be in.”

Ambrogio consider the look of Nikolas, “I tell you this so you understand better, to see that my situation was created from the despair of others. To illuminate that when one carries hate and revenge in their heart, that it is capable of spreading like a disease throughout the world. And to know your enemy, is to know how to fight them”

Ambrogio stood, walked a few paces, swirled around in dramatic fashion and smiled. “Apollo was going to steal my love. I can’t beat him physically, so I am left to ponder other ways, seek help from others and create a situation for my own benefit. Basically, I need to convince someone to help me do what I was unable to do, by doing something I was able to do. That someone needed to be a god. And the best option I had, the closest one, was Hades, King of the Underworld, God of the Dead. Maybe there was a better option, but right then, right there, I convinced myself to visit the Underworld to ask Hades for a trade.”

The room chilled just as Hades was mentioned, a deepening of the dark, the air became heavier. An energy entered the room, disturbing and uncomfortable. Nikolas began to silently pray “And the Lord will deliver me from every evil work, and will reserve me for his heavenly Kingdom; to whom be the glory forever and ever”

Ambrogio chuckled, smiled and his eyes gleamed with joy. “A prayer, I have heard many of them and none saved my victims from me”

“The prayers are not about them being saved from you, it is about saving them after you are done with them”.

His smile, while still there, lost its mirth. His eyes darkened. “I will not end your life, that is a job for another. I need you to help me resolve my existence. To do that, you need to be alive, healthy, and strong.”

“I cannot save you. Only you can do that in the name of Our Lord”

“Well, in a way, you are correct. But then, maybe you should listen more, ignore the comings and goings of spirits and influencers within the room, so you can understand the problem I have”

“Hades was intent on making Zeus uncomfortable, as with the other gods, he played games and did what he could to disrupt the world above. But he did not, or could not, leave the Underworld. This meant he played his games through others. This is not secret knowledge, we all knew this as children through stories. We knew these things much like most people know the basic story of the Bible. How Hades played the game was not important to me. What mattered was gaining a trade with him. Could I do something for Hades in exchange for getting Selene?”

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