I have stories to tell.

100 word stories and flash fictions.

Travel stories that are not told in your typical travel story ways

Stories that provide examples of ways to improve life rather than an articles that tells you bluntly.

Anecdotes that I hear and share with you in story form.

Try a few of them, they take no more than five minutes to read.

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This is for normal posts, things that don’t fit into creative writing, or stories. You know, real things like:

  • why are humans so stupid about the environment?
  • whats the deal with the rich getting richer?
  • and how am I going to turn my compulsive idea of starting a solar powered recumbent bike making business in a poor country going to become a reality?

You know, just the day to day kind of thinking.


You like reading stories, I like writing them. Looks like a match in heaven.

Well, we can’t make it that easy.

I like writing 100 word stories the most, but also flash fiction stories that can be read in under five minutes. I refuse to pigeon hole myself into a niche. I like horror, romance, twists, reflective stories, sci-fi, fantasy stories that are about goblins, basically anything that is a story that interests me enough to write.

If you are okay with reading random type stories that take less than five minutes to read, then maybe you will like my stories.

Nor not.

Or will.

Just read a few before deciding.

More stories are here…….


I want to share travel stories, but I do not want to bore you either with my personal travel stories.

But I want to share my travel stories.

I decided that when I travel and share my stories, I would not tell them directly. I want to share travel experiences indirectly. This means that my personal travel stories will be told in story form. A bit like “This movie is based on a true story” type situation.

These stories will be told from the traveler’s point of view, or the dog walking by, a by-stander listening in, the car wanting a break, anything but a direct travel story.

My aim is to entertain, share my real travel stories but not in a boring way.

It might work, it might not, lets find out.


Reading articles on self improvement annoy me.

It is a bit like the person writing the articles has their life sorted out, money under control, happy partner, smart children, know how to overcome challenges, have figured out how not to care what other people think, eat properly, are fit and would probably make me fart just having to stand beside them.

It pisses me off.

I do not want to write like that.

So, in my self improvement pieces, rather than bore you with advice, as if people would listen anyway, shit, I don’t listen either, I decided to try the old story telling approach.

If you want to figure out how to care just a little bit less about what you idiot brother thinks, on how to loose weight (hahahahahahahaha…… my plan on doing that involves exercise, just goes to show how much I know about that topic), or any other self improvement thing you can think of, let me share a story based around the idea being considered and let you figure out what the character has done, is doing to fix said problem, and whether there is something in the story that you may want to apply to your life.

Or just enjoy the story and ignore the underlying advice, much like I would do.


I can’t stop myself.

I hear someone tell a story about their life, I love it so much that I wish I had been there, had it happen to me, or wished I was strong enough or silly enough to have experienced it.

These types of stories are real ones, told by people I have listened too, and from what I can tell, are real with the predictable embellishments that people add to personal stories to make them more appealing.

While these stories are not written by the people I hear them from and are retellings from my perspective, they are all anecdotes of life that I want to share with you.