When you are looking for a way to find purpose in life.

When you want to change the rules of the game you are playing.

You discover that it is harder than it looks.

I turned 50 in 2018, I decided to return to my personal roots, roots that are embedded in chasing dreams, travel, helping others, figuring out why people in power abuse it, and looking for the solutions to problems.

This site represents my story from where I am today to where I end up going, and encouraging you to find your purpose, discover your roots, then take action on it.

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Don’t talk to me about life.

Actually, I will talk about life. These posts are about random topics concerning life, either from my perspective, or things that challenge my perspective.


From October 2018, my ten year old son and I are traveling Australia.

Most of it will be in a car, but it will including walking, bike riding, boats, flying things and anything else we find ourselves traveling on.

This section is that story.


Being a twelve year old learning the guitar was fun. I practiced, I learned the positioning of my fingers, I practiced, and for a few minutes I played a duet with my tutor with about twenty people listening.

They clapped. My heart sang.

Then a few weeks I gave up because I was struggling to learn the sheet symbols fast enough. Rather than ask for help, I stopped.

Thirty eight years later, as I watch my son learn the flute, I decided enough is enough…. I was no longer going to sit there in regret and I was going to learn an instrument. Not the guitar, my hands not up for that right now.

The humble, yet beautiful recorder.

Why the recorder? Why the screeching instrument that has tormented more than enough school teachers?

Because when I was twenty one, during a stint a teacher training, I heard an expert play it. Then the Alto recorder. And it sang to me.

Plus it is a nice instrument that plays nicely beside the flute, and allows my son and I do duets.

This is the story of my learning the recorder.


I am homeschooling my son, with the approach that I support his learning regardless of what he wants to learn about.

While I have always been a random learner of things, since homeschooling I have had to revisit many things, and other things that I would never have looked at if my son had not been interested in it.

Because of this, and my inherent desire to share the things I know and learn more from those who see things in other ways or know more than me, I decided to share some of the things with others.

I hope you discover something new, or if you find a mistake, to let me know (We all make mistakes, and since learning is correct old thinking, when people challenge or find mistakes I am happy to amend when I am shown to be wrong).