Rodney Goodall


Up Close

An exploration of everyday things that we look at but don’t see.

We see bark, leaves, mushrooms, benches, and everyday objects all the time but rarely look at them.

My job is to take photos of these things and share them with you so you can take a step back and take notice of the wonders that are in our every day lives.

My hope is you see my photos and notice the world around you more.

We spend so much time rushing around with work, children, and life that we miss the small things that can give us perspective.

I Will Share Photos

Ten photos per post. Mostly close-up images of natural things, but sometimes common objects. It is about expanding our ideas of what we think an object is compared to what is out there.

A Children’s Story

A story about a small creature who is exploring the world of mushrooms and finding more than he could imagine.

Learn About Mushrooms

If you want to share your up close photo, send it to me and I may include it in a future post.

Learn to Do This

I started macro photography in April 2024. I am sharing my learning curve and joy. I am also sharing what I learned in the hope that you will give it a go. It is a wonderful hobby to do, as well as seeing the photos.

I Encourage You To Explore.

Taking a photo isn’t difficult.

Finding a place to share it is hard. I want people to do close-up photos and share them via my newsletter.

Follow This Close-Up Project.


  • you can enjoy the photos twice a week
  • contribute if you want
  • you can share your knowledge so I can spread it around

But mostly, it is about receiving two close-up photo essays per week.