I write stories to be read by you.

100 word stories, flash fiction, series, and random learnings just because I like article writing too.

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Nibble Reads

100 word stories, short, to the point, more punch than you would think possible for so few words.

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Flash Reads

Flash fiction stories, those short delights that take only a few minutes to read and enjoy.

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Life Reads

We all enjoy the odd self help article to pretend we are improving ourselves.

The problem is they give the perception that the writer has it all together, that the small segment of focus is without outside influences.

For that reason, I decided to tell stories about the various aspects of self improvement, with the messiness of life thrown in for good measure. The concepts are there, just not the preachiness.

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Article Reads

I like writing articles about random things. So, I decided to share them here.