I Am Rodney.

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For years I have had this half-orc in my head wanting to escape into the world.

It isn’t as if he is an overly pleasant half-orc, how could he be, he is a half-orc.

I wish he was a human, or an elf, or even a half-elf.

At least that way, more people would want to read about him.

But no, he is a half-orc.

And to make matters worse, a goblin turned up. Not a young and clever goblin, but an older goblin, bitter and twisted, vengeful and power-hungry.

It is bad enough having a story about a half-orc, but to add an embittered goblin into the mix seemed too much.

Why stop there?

Indeed, why stop there when a half-ogre decides to join the party?

Majestic, but gruesome. The kind of beast that inspires fear and loathing. And rightfully so, he is a half-ogre, you would be crazy to want to meet him.

So, here I was, a trio of half-orc, goblin, and half-ogre, in a story where their lives are intertwined, and there was no way to tell the story without all of them in it.

Well, since the story is in my head, and three great characters busting to escape, I decided to bow to the imagination and start writing it down.

For this story and the ones that will follow, the delivery will be drip-fed as a web novel.

It will be free.

And if you want to pay me, you can through a subscription service called Patreon… but only if you become as enthralled with the half-orc, goblin, and half-ogre.

Read The Story Here.