Trio One

The Dismissal

She wants to dismiss me. But she doesn’t have the heart for it.

I can see it in her eyes. The conflict between wanting me gone and her conscience. She knows my life is a mess, she knows that firing me would make it worse.

I wouldn’t blame her. If I was in her position I would do it. I have done it. She is a better person than me. More caring.

She can sign me away, or give me another chance.

She isn’t even able to look me in the eyes.

“Next time is the last time”

Thank God.

First Time

I wake up but not in the room I went to bed in. Rather than wallpapered walls, they were clay.

Rather the comforting light of the morning sun, it was a blaring lightbulb.

And rather than a loving wife, there stood a woman with a gun pointing at me.

She moved forward “This is your first time, isn’t it?”

I just look at her. She lifts the gun and shoots me.

I wake up, but not in the same bedroom. This time, the walls are stone, the light is dim, the woman has a sword.

“Is this your first time?”

Teddy Bear

The boy hugged Teddy Bear. It returned the hug as programmed.

The boy rolled over to face Teddy, Teddy smiled as programmed.

The boy noticed the aging fur, worn and beaten, fraying on the edges. Years of companionship freely given, as Teddy is programmed to do.

The boy felt it was time. He was too old for fake love. He whispered his goodbyes and let it know tonight was the last night.

Teddy smiled and hugged as programmed.

The boy fell asleep feeling grown up and proud.

Teddy began sleep mode, reached down to the boy’s hand, and squeezed it.

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