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What do you want to know?

Why do I write?

Mostly because I like writing, I like the stories in my head, and I enjoy the challenge of waking up with a cool dream that could become a story.

Where do I live?

Mostly Australia now. But also New Zealand and Samoa at various times. I may stay in Australia, I may not, it really depends on what makes the most sense moving forward.


I like that question. I have been to 24 countries that are very different, enjoyable, and provided me with experiences to draw upon when I am having a blank story moment.

How old am I?

Just moved over 50 years in age. But that is just my body talking. My mind is more like mid-twenties with thirty odd years of experience on top of it.

Why 100 word stories?

I like the restriction in word count. In fact, I find I do better when I have limiting factors in place. Not just in story writing, but life too. When things are handed to me on a platter, I tend to find a way to fail at it. But give me an impossible situation or task and I find a way to make it work anyway.

I also like flash fiction when the word count isn’t workable for the story.

I would like longer stories, but my brain is not as keen. I trick it by writing a series of stories that, when combined, form a bigger story. But not a novel, I do not have the energy for that. Unless I find a way to trick myself into thinking a series of bigger stories could become an even larger one.

Do I have any pets?

Not at the moment. I used to have a dog, the best dog in the world obviously, but he got old and broken many years ago. We had good times, like chasing rabbits and goats in the hills, he teased bigger dogs by barking and running just ahead of them at all times knowing he could outpace them. That he looked after the kittens on the family cat as if they were his own.

So, while I do not have a pet directly in my life right now, like all pet owners, I will always have the old ones inside of me.


Four boys. No girls.

Two with my first wife, two with my current wife.

Families are a storehouse of stories, good and bad. Not that I had kids for story ideas, that would be weird.

More questions?

If you have a question to ask, let me know via email (rodney@rodneygoodall.com) or pop over to my Facebook page to ask there.