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When I turned fifty, I decided to make my fourth attempt at predicting where I would be in ten years.

So far, every prediction has been a total failure, yet along the way the story that unfolded was more interesting that my simplistic goals.

It is fascinating living a life that unfolds in ways that are not ideal or wanted, yet the results are what makes you.

At fifty, I almost gave up on the idea of predicting the next ten years, until I decided to give it another go. This time, the plans were not dependent on others doing their bit, I made my plan based on what I will do and see what happens.


It is a simple plan.




Help others.

The ideal scenario on my sixtieth will look like this.

I travel three months a year to expand my universe, to share the world, to live life and taking advantage of my privilege.

Traveling provides content for my site. Travel stories, anecdotes, fictional story ideas.

I use those stories to earn an income.

That income funds my travel, my life, my family and is used to support community work that is funded from the excess income. It probably means basing myself in a poorer country, which is ideal for my community minded work.

In effect, my lucky privilege, which I was born into simply because I am a white man in a rich country, will be used to provide privilege for others who are not born into my skin colour and gender. I will ask people what they need, who can provide it, and the resources required. I then fund the project as they want and see what happens.

I hope you can see why this site plays a vital role in my future plans.

This site provides stories that people read. There will be adverts on here that gives me money to be used for my plans. Please excuse the adverts, they help me and others.

That is it really.

Okay, you are still reading.

I have four boys, an ex-wife and a wife. I like writing, bike riding, playing Minecraft with my kids, and helping others to help themselves.

I do not like debt, politics annoys me a lot. If you ever want a long discussion on politics you will get it from me. The environmental future scares me to the core of my body. And I am in a constant internal battle between wanting to experience the big wide world and shutting the front door forever.

I am an introvert. I hate parties and meeting new people. I also like meeting new people. I still hate parties though. Seriously, do not invite me to a party.

I am not fond of talking to crowds or leading people, yet I am reasonably good at both. Also, in order to achieve my goals I need to talk to more people.

I would LOVE to be in a television interview show. Mostly as the guest. Yes, it is egocentrically to want that, and no, I do not think I have done anything special to warrant such an interview. Which is why it probably will not happen. I would like to host an interview show, but I suspect those jobs go to journalists, and I have no desire to spend a few years at university to get a degree just to potentially host such a show. But, there are plenty of ways to reach that goal. For example, I could just do my own YouTube interview show where I interview truly interesting people.

Still reading?

I like dogs. I am not a fan of long walks along beaches but I will happily walk up a mountain just to touch snow.

I am prone to overthinking things and then doing truly stupid things that involve testing out ideas. For example, I learned that crocodiles can sense vibrations of animals walking towards the river edge. As an experiment I stood on a river’s edge with crocodiles to see if they would approach.

Yes, it works.

Yes, I came to my senses before one pounced from the water to eat me. It helped that my first wife was screaming at me “What the #*&^ are you doing?”.

I answered “Attracting crocodiles, and it is working”.

She answered “Maybe you should think on that for a moment before you become its lunch”

Yeah, I know, I am stupid.

SO…… what does this site have for you?

Well, you get stories to read, provide income via advertising that funds my work, and you can contact me if you so desire. I currently answer every email, but if I start getting hundreds of emails a day, I probably will stop doing that because I do need to write stories and travel and help others and eat and shower and stuff like that.

I know, life is so annoying.

I think I will stop now. I think that if you want to know more about me, you can read my posts, my stories or figure out a way to meet me for a chat.

Just don’t invite me to a party, the answer is going to be a no.

Unless said party includes Elon Musk, Brian Cox, David Attenborough or some other inspiring person.