Chasing Dreams Is Harder Than It Seems

I was born in the late 1960’s. While I don’t feel like I am that old, my body has a nasty habit of reminding me that the years have gone by. I fight age by hanging out with younger people or people with young minds.

  • I was born in Australia

  • I have four boys. We are the “Boys Only Club: No Girls Allowed”. The second part of the name is subject to change.

  • I have lived in Australia, New Zealand and Samoa.

  • I am an introvert.

  • I have traveled to twenty three countries. I will be adding to that list.

  • Aside from story writing, I love bike riding and dream of riding a bike around the world.

A life without vision is a life not worth living. Be bold, be brave, and go for it.

  • To earn a living from my story writing

  • To ride a bicycle around the world

  • To climb more mountains

  • Play my part in removing homelessness

  • To continue my journey into minimalism

  • To support others in their pursuit of their dream, whatever that may be

About My Stories

I don’t aim to do this, but my stories lean towards the idea that “The World Has Ended and It Sucks” type thing.

Set in a fantasy setting because the real world doesn’t have goblins, zombies, vampires, elves, dragons and floating cities.

I write with a decent concept of where the story should be heading, but the story doesn’t always agree with my direction.