Let me explain this a little bit

When I say I am a bit of a plonker, what I really mean is I am autistic and non-autistic people think I am weird.

And I get it, I am a little weird.

It hasn’t stopped me from traveling the world, or living in three countries, having a family, having jobs where I led dozens of people successfully, and living a life I believe has been worthwhile.

I just happen to be quirky.

For the last decade or so, I have been out of work, and by work, I mean not a job.

I have been working, but most people don’t consider it work. You know, things like looking after aging parents until they die, homeschooling my kids, stuff that doesn’t pay.

Anyway, my parents are dead now, and my kids are growing older, and I am aging year by year (which is annoying), and being in my mid-fifties, the thought of retirement flicks its way into my head sometimes.

While I could return to work a job, I don’t want to do that.

I want to sail a boat around the world, bicycle tour Africa, walk from London to Melbourne, you know, stuff like that.

Oddly, this type of work doesn’t pay either.

So, what to do???

Well, I decided to find out how to earn online in a way that doesn’t involve too much of my time, involves working in a small team because I dislike big teams, and can be done online.

Oddly enough, I figured out my way of doing it.

It probably isn’t for everyone, let’s face it, if a quirky person likes it, chances are most people won’t.

So, to be upfront, I work a MLM business, I never tell my friends or family about it and don’t expect my team to either.

I find and work with people I am unlikely to me in person (although if it can happen, it will happen), who are okay with following my lead, and are okay persisting through the slow beginnings because….. shockingly, building any business takes time.

If you are prepared to follow my lead, are okay working in a team and building your own small team (ten people is the goal), and are prepared to spend no less than $50 per month to start it (you can spend more, but $50 is the least), then let me know by emailing me at ro****@ro***********.com