Getting Started Right

Start now and learn as you go.

Let’s Talk About Simple Starts

Simple things work.

I like simple things. Simple things have fewer things to go wrong.

People can learn them quickly, they get to feel good about their progress, and as the results build, their confidence increases enough to expand on the simple method.

Or, they can stick to it because it is working, why complicate a simple method.

What you are about to read is simple.

There are a few things in here that require some learning, but nothing drastic.

Some other things, like email writing, may be off-putting, but then, I can help you with that, share my emails with you to reduce the initial learning curve or discomfort. A surprising number of people hate writing, so I can get you through that.

The best part about this entire process is it takes a few hours, at most, to set up. There is a learning curve, but not a huge one. And once it is set up, you only need, literally, about ten minutes a day to work it.

The results will seem slow at first, but it builds quickly over the longer term.

And later we can speed it up, even more, the moment you are ready… and the only real thing that changes is it takes ten more minutes a day. 


One: In the beginning…

There are two sites to join.

One is free to begin with, and the upgrade can wait a while. It is there to gather the email addresses of interested people.

The other site is an advertising site. It costs $30.00 per month.

The daily task, once this is set up, is to send out one email via the advertising site. You log in, copy and paste the header, then the email content, then press send.

The only other task is replying to questions when people email you.

That is it.

You might be wondering why I have a site, and how you will do this without one… well, you will have an email series instead. I only use this site because I can, but you can deliver this information by copying this content into an email and doing it that way. With a few simple changes, like removing this paragraph.

You can also copy and paste this page and make it into a PDF ebook, you just need to change the links to your ones.


Oh, and if email content stresses you, you can copy my email series as well. 

Two: The Sites

There are only two of them to join.


This is where your store the email addresses and set up your automated email series. It can be used for free for a while, and by the time you need to upgrade, you will have a large profit to pay for it, and it only costs $27 per month anyway.

This is a small cost for doing business.

There are a lot of excellent features on this site, too many to discuss here, and in the interest of keeping things simple, the only features you need are the automated email delivery and a page builder to make the single page you require for people to join your email list.

The other features will be discussed later on. They are awesome, but not required in the beginning.

Click Here To Check Out Systeme


My Lead Gen Secret

This site is where you advertise.

It costs $30 per month.

What happens here is you get 100 email addresses per day. This means that every day, the number of emails you can contact increases by 100. So, in one month, you will send out emails to 3,000 email addresses. In one year, it will be 365,000 email addresses.

Clearly, the longer you stay, the more likely you will find a new person who joins your email list.

The process is easy, you log into your account, copy your header and email content into the right sections, then press send.

Check Out My Lead Gen Secret Here

And that is it.

Every day, at about the same time, you do this task and your email list will grow, and sales will be made, and those people will repeat what you are doing. 

Three: List Building

It may seem a bit odd to send out emails you can contact to build a list of emails you can contact.

Actually, it is odd, but there is a reason for doing it like this.

While My Lead Gen Secret is very good, there are restrictions there. Such as, you can only email them once per day, and a vast majority of the emails sent out will not respond. It is a numbers game situation.

What you really want are the people who are interested in what you are offering. They are the gems and they want what you have.

Systeme can send your email series to those people. My Leads Gen Secret doesn’t allow that. It is an advertising site, it is like putting an advert in a newspaper, or a banner advert, it is a call out to the masses to see who is interested.

Systeme is your shop.

When a person enters their email address, they have opened the door to your shop, and that is when you introduce your offer, answer questions, and find ways to keep in touch with them.

Your email series, this ebook, is your salesperson.

I hope that makes sense.

Four: Is that it?

Oddly enough, yes.

Two sites, a short period of time to set it up, then a ten minute task per day, and you will grow a business.

Systeme pays 50% commissions. So when people upgrade to that site you will earn at least $13 per month from that.

And My Secret Leads Gen has a five-level payment structure that pays $5 for the people you refer, then $4 for the second tier, $3, then $2, then $1.

This means that each person can earn from $5 to $18 each, excluding the multi-tier payment structure of My Secret Leads Gen, and how Systeme has high level upgrades.

And that is about as simple as I can imagine.

Five: You want to complicate it?

Sure you can.

Complexity requires more learning.

First up, you might want to speed things up with more advertising. I have a few more advertising sites that are very similar to My Secret Leads Gen, most have the same payment structure, email sending set up, and the results are fairly similar.

The other option is to learn how to earn money building lists in other niches.

You might decide to selling online products, or make and sell a course, or any number of options, all of which can be done using Systeme.

Because Systeme provides an online shop, the ability to make a membership site, it can even allow you to set up your own affiliate program if you want to, it means you can dig in deep with many things to do with online marketing.

Start an online shop.

A course.

Honestly, the options are wide open.

You can also expand the places you promote. Why stick with daily emails when you can promote on Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, and who knows where else.

I am personally focused on using Facebook to promote Systeme to offline business owners who want an online presence and email buyers about specials or new products. I am working on a course to sell to them as well which I will charge them for.

Imagine that… Offer Systeme to solve a problem they have, then provide excellent content for them that leads to a course they pay for so they can speed up the process of learning how to be good at email marketing.

The world is yours.

You can build a good income following this simple process.

It will take a few years, which is NORMAL, but you will get there. You can speed it up by becoming more of an expert, by learning more, by putting in more work, or you can just do it simple and enjoy the idea that in a few years, you can put your feet up on a chair as you sail past a tropical island on your sailboat… and waiting for the alarm to go off so you can quickly do your ten to thirty minutes of daily work.