Part Ten

Eula got out of the car with the bat.

Kevin yelled at her, “Stay away from them, there are too many.”

She looked back at him for a moment, she looked determined to fight them all, then back at the approaching zombies. She understood that he was right.

She said, “We can’t leave our equipment here, it is the difference between a half ass chance and no chance at all.”

The zombies were within a minute of reaching them, Kevin got out of the car, found the crowbar and said, “Fine, if we need to kill them, we do it smart. One at a time.”

Thirty seconds.

Eula said, “We can lead them to the fence over there. We can climb it. I don’t think they will be able to. If they can, they will be so slow to climb that we can just smash them over the head before they do it., and their arms will be on the fence allowing a clear hit for their head”

Twenty seconds.

Kevin said, “I like your thinking, lets do it.”

The fence was a standard five wire fence to keep in cattle. The one on the road was well made and would do the job, at least that is what Kevin and Eula were hoping for.

With the zombies a short distance from them, they fast walked to the fence, climbed it quickly then turned around to see the living dead right behind them.

The first ones reached the fence, arms outstretched in an attempt to grab one of them while putting their full force against the fencing. Kevin thought the fence would hold them back easily, yet it looked like it was under strain already. The zombies, all nine of them were using the entire physical strength to push through the wire.

Kevin held the crowbar on the straight side, with the curved end on top. He had longer arms than all of the zombies, making any attempt to grab his arm impossible while bashing them with the crowbar.

He lifted his arm, walked towards the closest zombie, the man with the shotgun over his shoulder, then brought the crowbar down directly on top of its head.

When the skull cracked and the zombie fell to the ground, he felt a sense of relief. He counted, “Five” in his head while pondering why he didn’t feel bad about doing it. He raised his arm and cracked the skull of the next zombie, “Six.”

And another.


They were easy to kill when controlled. He was not so certain about taking on one in the open in a fair fight.

He looked at Eula, he had a grim look on her face, total focus, total determination. She was a slightly built woman, short, but she was wiry and strong for her size.

Her main advantage was she had fast hands. She was lifting the bat high, swinging down hard and with great timing. The years of boxing she had done was paying off big time.

She had downed four zombies and was onto her fifth one. Kevin moved closer to the final zombie and finished it off quickly.

The job was done.

Kevin was smiling, as was Eula. Her eyes were alive with adrenalin. They both jumped up and down and embraced for joy.

Then they kissed.

Then they tore off each other’s clothes and had rampant sex.

When they were done, they held each other closely as the afternoon deepened.

Kevin said, “Well, that was unexpected.”

“What? The zombie killing or the sex making?”

“I was thinking of the sex, but really, both. We are surprisingly good at both.”

Eula stood up and began to get dressed. “I am glad it happened. Now we can do it whenever we feel like without the stupid awkwardness of wondering and waiting.”

“Zombie killing or sex making?”

“Both.” She said with a smile.

Kevin got up as well, put his clothes on then looked around for zombies. It occurred to him that he may need to do the zombie checks more often and as the first thing he does.

That was when he noticed the terrible stench of the zombies.

“Bloody hell, they smell disgusting.”

Eula laughed, “True dat.”

He climbed the fence, went to the car then opened the bonnet. The radiator had two large holes in it. Eula took a look at it as well.

She said, “Well, no more car then. We need another one. But right now, we need somewhere to hide for the night.”

“I will get the bikes ready. They have panniers on them so we can load up on some things.”

Eula said, “Great. You do the bikes, I will load the containers with the as much as I can and hide them behind the trees over there.”

Thirty minute later, and with Kevin creating a routine of regular zombie checks, they were ready to roll.

Eula gave Kevin a hug, she said, “Thank you for saving me.”

“That is okay. But you still owe me for the helping you shower.”

“Shit.” Then she handed him the shot gun. “Does this square the balance?”

“Do you have the ammo?”

She threw to boxed to him. “Now?”

Kevin thought about it for a moment, then said, “Do you know how to use this thing?”

“Yes. Farm girl, remember?”

“Teach me and we are even.”

“Deal.” She extended her hand and they shook on it.

Kevin put the shotgun over his shoulder. He said, “You do realize it makes far more sense for you to carry this thing, right?”

“Yep. Now, which way are we riding?”

Kevin looked both ways. The direction they had come from led back to Kyneton and a long line of cars on the freeway that was already converting people to zombies. That was a disaster in the making already.

The direction they were heading was blocked by gun totting farmers who were trying to stop them. A family down the road that would be very displeased to hear they were now dead zombies and, given the road block, probably did not want random strangers rocking up to their front door.

Kevin pointed in the direction of the road block.

Eula nodded her agreement, launched her loaded bike in that direction and called back, “Hurry up, we need to find somewhere safe within a few hours.”

Kevin started to ride his bike as well.

Ten minutes later, they decided to ride past the first farmhouse because it made sense that the people that had tried to shoot them lived there.

Fifteen minutes after that they came to an intersection with another dirt road, and on the corner was another farmhouse.

Eula said, “This looks like a good place to start looking.”

Kevin, with the adrenalin high from the zombie killing and euphoria of the sex afterwards having worn off, took a deep, fearful breath and answered, “Yep, may as well begin here.”

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