Part Twelve

Eula woke up first. They had been busy last night bonding, and she was tired, but she could smell the food cooking in the kitchen, which meant Betty was up and about.

Even so, she had always been an early riser, and she did not want to change that habit now. She showered, changed, then went to the kitchen and found Betty already there.

Betty said, “Oh, you are up early. I thought that being city folk, you wouldn’t be up for a few more hours.”

“He is city folk, I am farm stock.”

“That explains it. Sit down, I have made your breakfast. Are bacon and eggs okay with you?”


As Betty dished the meal, Eula sat down on the table. Betty said, “Melbourne went dark overnight. The zombie will overrun the city now and begin spreading out like the walking virus that it is.”

“You predicted that well.”

“Yes, and I have another prediction. In the coming weeks, those millions of zombies will get hungry and spread out across the land. We will not be safe from them here.”

Betty put the plate down in front of Eula.

Eula took a few bites of the eggs and bacon, then said, “We thought the same thing. That is why we want to fortify this place.”

“It is too close. And there are only two of you to do the work. You need to escape, not stay. Or, if you stay, we need more people.”

Eula kept eating. She was also thinking about what she was saying, “Could two people build a high fence within a week? What would the escape plan be with only two of them? Where could they safely find more survivors?”

Eula said, “My father said to always have an escape plan. He was referring to dealing with asshat men, but it applies here as well.”

“Yes, it does, and I have something to show you that will help with the escape plan and with finding people to bring back here.”

Eula finished the meal off, looked at Betty then said, “Show me your cunny plan, Betty.”

Eula dropped the plates onto the bench then followed Betty outside to a shed.

Betty pointed, and Eula looked.

In front of them was a large tractor that had the cab enclosed with glass and a trailer big enough to haul about fifteen standing people plus supplies.

Betty added as she pointed to another place, “and you can put that on the front to sweep the zombies aside.

Eula looked across the yard to see the tractor shovel.

Eula could only say, “Wow.”

Betty said, “It is important to have people, to have community. More so now than ever.”

Eula looked at Betty then said, “Kevin says the same stuff all the time. He was talking about returning to Melton to pick up a man across the road from where I lived because he promised to do it.”

Betty said, “Well, I am not sure that is a good idea, but you will be able to make multiple trips a day to Kyneton. It takes thirty minutes each way. You need people, and there will be living ones still there. But they may not last long.”

Eula and Betty walked around the tractor and trailer. They inspected the shovel. They considered the basic plan that involved Eula driving the tractor with Kevin in the wagon with multiple spears for thrusting the zombies back or killing them.

Betty said, “It is a shame he doesn’t know how to shoot a gun. We need to fix that quickly. But for the next few days, no guns. Today, we make the spears and get him to practice thrusting forward. After a few trips, I am sure we will have at least a few people who can shoot properly.”

From behind them, a voice called out, “What are you two talking about?”

They turned to see Kevin there. Betty said, “We are talking about you and your lovely doing a drive into Kyneton using the tractor and trailer to pick up survivors. Interested?”

Kevin smiled, “Yes, we need to rescue people while we still can. And I also have to pop into Melton in about four days to pick up a friend.”

Betty smiled as she said, “We begin with Kyneton, we learn how bad it is, then we decide on Melton.”

Kevin looked at them both while saying, “Why do I get the feeling you two are the bosses?”

Betty smiled, then said to Eula, “This one learns quickly.”

They returned to the kitchen where Kevin ate food, was caught up on the news of Melbourne blacking out, and the plan for spears, practice, and the first run into town.

As they talked, the list of things to do grew. Kevin wanted to visit the library for survival, farming, and other similar types of books. Eula wanted ammo, food, and equipment from the tool and camping shops. Betty wanted as many people as they could find and carry.

The rest of the morning was spent with Betty showing surprising knowledge for making hardened wood spears. She explained that her husband went hunting with First Nation people for years, and they taught him a trick or two about their hunting methods. She was not allowed to learn it from them, but he taught her.

He also got into trouble for it.

Kevin looked to the grave and called out, “Thank you, Barry, and thank you, First Nation people.”

Kevin then practiced standing on the trailer and thrusting the spears downward while Eula drove the tractor around.

Betty gave directions for them both the entire time.

Midday arrived, Betty made lunch, and Eula and Kevin prepared by wearing think gloves, several layers of clothes and hard hats. All provided by Betty.

Lunch came and went, the trailer was connected to the tractor, as was the shovel, the ten spears they had quickly made were added to the arsenal. Eula took the shotgun and ammo in the tractor.

Eula was nervous but agreed with the idea of needing people, and the idea that it is best to save people while the saving was still possible.

Kevin was standing on the trailer, she leveled the shovel to a height that was best for chopping down zombies, checked the shotgun was lodged in properly beside her.

She pushed the pedal down, the tractor moved forward, they were on the way to a zombie battle.

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