Part Three

The zombie smashed up against the door. If it had been made of glass it would have gone through it.

Kevin said, as sarcastically as possible, “Tony left early to avoid dealing with the zombie.”

It smashed on the door again. Kevin, at first, believed there was no way for it to break the door down. But now it was on its fourth and fifth hit, the door was not looking as stable as he wanted it to.

Amanda said, “I think he was just trying to avoid having to shift the furniture around to block the door better.”

Kevin looked at the couch. It was not big, but it was heavy and solidly built. Even with the adrenalin he was thinking he would struggle to be of much use. Simply walking around had tired him out and he needed to lean against the wall to ensure he stayed balanced.

Yet, the zombie was slowing unhinging the door with each charge it did.

Amanda ordered, “Move out of the way.”

Kevin took a few shaky steps backwards while Amanda leaned into the couch to make it move. They then heaved it over to block the front door. Every step she made was in time with each pounding the zombie gave.

Amanda bent her legs, grabbed the bottom of the couch then lifted it up so it leaned against the door. The crash of the couch gave the zombie more incentive to pound harder. The door was giving way but the couch gave the extra weight and support that was required to keep it outside.

Amanda said, “See, we don’t need my father, I have this situation covered. Do you want a cup of tea?”

Out of habit Kevin said, “Yeah, sure, why not.”

He made his way to the front window. He watched the unfolding drama of the children zombies chasing the adults with good intentions. Kevin opened the window and yelled, “Stay away from them, they have RedEye and have turned.”

For some reason, he was ignored. The children teamed up on the first adult. They dragged on her legs while the bit deeply while shaking their heads to loosen the flesh. The mother zombie caught up to help finish the women off.

The woman fought.

She screamed.

She begged for help.

She died.

Kevin closed the window, then the curtains. The door pounding zombie kept hitting as Amanda brought in the cups of tea she had made, along with biscuits. She placed them onto the table, offered him a biscuit, which he refused, so she put them on the table as well.

The entire time the zombie kept pounding the door.

She said, “I wonder how long it will take for the police to arrive?” She sipped her tea, took a bite from her biscuit and looked at Kevin for his reply. He was still too stunned to talk much.

She shrugged and continued to enjoy her tea. After a few moments of silence, she said, “Look, this RedEye thing is going to fuck up the entire world. Unless it is stops, but that seems unlikely. Or maybe I have gone insane. Yeah, that would be good.”

Kevin said, “You are not insane.”

She shot him a short look, “The thing is, we may as well enjoy the good things while we still can. Who knows what the future holds, but at a guess, it is going to be all fucked up.”

Another sip.

More door pounding and hinge movement.

Kevin said, “I need to rest, or sleep, or something.” He stood up and slowly made his way to bed.

He got into bed, pulled the blankets up and closed his eyes. All he could hear was the door being hit over and over again. The zombie was rather rhythmic in that way. Then he heard someone yelling warnings, a groan of a zombie that was too close for his liking, then running, yelling, and more warnings.

He was exhausted, even though he was terrorized, he fell asleep quickly.

When he woke up again it was Amanda nudging him.

She said, “The police came. They tasered the zombie, it worked. They had a paddy van, threw the zombie into it after it was cuffed. It was like watching a dog catcher.”

He fell asleep again.

When he woke again, Amanda was sitting on the end of the bed crying. Kevin dreaded asking, “Your father?”

She handed her phone to him to read the text.

“Mum turned, but she is at peace now. I am very weak. I will be at peace soon too. Stay alive. Fight. Be kind. Love you.”

They hugged for a long while. She then stood up keeping her back to Kevin, braced herself, then said, “We need to get out of the city. And we need to do it as soon as possible. But not until you are strong enough to walk properly. I am going to visit the neighbor to get their car keys.”

“Wait. You are going to steal their car?”

“They are dead. We are not.” She didn’t look back as she left the room. Kevin sat up and, surprisingly, felt much better than he expected.

He wanted to call out to her but had no idea what to say. Should he ask her to stop even though her actions made sense?

The front door opened, then closed.

He sat on the bed for a few moments considering the situation. He then stood up, walked to the TV then turned it on. The news was doing 24 hour coverage.

“…… as the situation in Melbourne worsens, if the indications of what is happening globally are anything to go by, this is only the beginning. Los Angeles has firebombed several hospitals in an effort to contain the zombies, but it has done nothing to slow the spread. RedEye appears to be popping up everywhere. The CDC is saying this is most likely due to the incubation period of the infection being long. This means that people have had the infection without knowing it, spread it around already and only now is it showing the symptoms.

New York is attempting to evacuate as many people as possible. But the situation is not just in the USA. Europe is having the same issues throughout their cities. China, even though they are saying RedEye has not infected people there, are evacuating their cities as we speak. While it is difficult to predict the outcome, it is looking very grim at the moment.

The latest update about the virus is it incubates for at least one week. The first symptoms are blood shot eyes, within 24 hours the person is either dead then turned into a zombie to become very violent, or the person recovers within two days. The chances of death, so far, sit at about 85% but that is probably an underestimate……”

Kevin turned the TV off.


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