Part Six

Kevin took a step back a deep breath and swung the bat at the wooden door. It gave out a satisfying thud. It also made the zombies pause for a second before they started their own pounding with renewed vigor.

He swung again at the same place, a place he thought would be a good place for a head to stick out of. The wooden cracked inwards, he swung again and again. Each impact broken the wooden door, then a small gap appeared.

A zombie eye looked through, it was blood red and menacing. It was also the eye of someone he had eaten with, laughed with and enjoyed the company of.

He swung the bat again until the hole was large enough for a head. He was being assisted in growing the hole by the zombies as they were ripping at the edges of the hole. Sometimes he would hit their fingers, but they didn’t even flinch when it happened.

Each swing made the hole bigger, until the first zombie stuck its head through. For a brief moment, Kevin hesitated. He was about to smash a bat onto a head with the intent of killing it. In his hesitation, an image of Amanda flashed through his mind, her face grey, eyes red, mouth open and keen to rip a chunk of flesh out of him.

His love was prepared to kill him as a zombie. If she was inside the monster, she had no control. Now he looked into the eyes of another zombie, he said, “I believe that you would prefer death than life as a zombie. I am still sorry.”

He put the bat over his head and made a well timed swing onto the top of the zombie head. As soon as he hit it, the zombie collapsed and it fell backwards, leaving the hole exposed for another head.

From across the road he heard a man screaming at him “What the hell are you doing? Stop it.”

The second zombie stuck its head. A second zombie met its end.

“Stop it, I have called the police.”

Like clockwork, the third and final zombie appeared and died within a few seconds.

It was done.

He heard footsteps on the stairs. He turned around to see a zombie there, arms outstretched and groaning in excitement. Kevin was taken by surprise but managed to take action by stepping forward with bat up, then down on its head.

Four hits for four dead zombies.

He looked around for more zombies and saw six of them heading his way.

The man across the road screamed at him, “Get into the house you idiot, there are dozens more on the way towards you.” Kevin took a moment to wave a thank you to the man, who was waving at him frantically to get into the house.

Kevin approached the door, stuck his hand through the hole to open the door from the inside. It took a few pushed of the door to shift the bodies enough for him to enter. As soon as he was in, he saw three more zombies walking up the drive. He closed the door, latched it then dragged the bodies in front of the door for extra weight against the door.

The first zombie stuck its head through the hole.

This time, Kevin put a couch blanket over its head and walked away.

He went to Eula’s room and found the door locked. He knocked on the door.

From the other side a sick sounding Eula called out, “Are you a zombie?”

“Not yet.”

“Kick the door in, I can’t get out of bed yet.”

Kevin kicked the door in then walked into her room. At the same time his nostrils were greeted with smells of vomit and urine. He said, “Holy shit Eula, you weren’t joking about pissing yourself in your bed.”

She looked at him with tired eyes and managed a wry smile. “I need a shower.”

“Well, you are in no condition for a shower, you can barely move. Tomorrow will have to do.”

“We have to leave the city today, the sooner the better.”

Kevin looked at her in disbelief. “How are you going to have a shower when you can’t even get out of bed?”

Eula said, “Get a chair from the kitchen, put it into the shower, turn the water on, then come get me, take off my clothes and fucking help me you bloody idiot.”

He looked at her for a moment, when he realized what she was asking of him he suddenly became very awkward looking. Eula saw it, then said, “Amanda would not mind, seriously, she would want you to help me no matter what.”

“Oh, I know, but this is weird, we are friends.”

“What the fuck is wrong with you? You get a free perve. And what is weird? Helping a friend get clean or a zombie apocalypse where you just killed at least three zombies?”

“Four zombies, and there will be more if we want to reach the car.”

She looked terrible. She said, “Please, just do this without thinking, we have to get out of here as fast as we can, and you are wasting time.”

Kevin said, “Okay.”

Without thinking, he did as he was instructed in getting the chair, putting it into the shower and turning it on and making sure the water was warm for her. He returned to her room, taking note of the sound of six or seven zombies groaning outside the front door, then helped her sit up.

Over the next thirty minutes he undressed her, carried her to the shower and cleaned her from top to bottom. Neither of them said much.

She brushed her teeth, packed her womanly essentials, then her strength left her. Kevin carried her to the couch and let her instruct him on what to get and where to get it. After the tasks were done, there was a small pile of things that needed moving to the car.

Eula had fallen asleep on the couch.

Kevin took a look out of the window. He saw seven zombies. He took note of how the door was beginning to loosen at the hinges.

He didn’t think the door would last much more of a beating, so repeating his head in the hole trick was out.

Instead, he decided to try something else. Rather than killing them, he would lure them away from the house using himself as bait.

Kevin said to himself, “Well, Amanda, I have lost you, killed four zombies, seen Eula naked and showered her, now I am going to be zombie bait. You are really missing out on all the fun being dead.”

He grabbed the bat then walked to the back door. He said to himself, “This could become interesting.”

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