Part Seven

He walked around the edge of the house, making sure to check around the corner for stray zombies. It was good that he did because bumping about between the house and fence was a zombie.

He readied the bat, told himself to focus and repeated, “Bat up, swing down on top of the head, hit it cleanly.”

With that said, he strolled around the corner as the walker was looking the other way, lifted the bat and crunched it squarely on the top of the skull. It collapsed immediately to the ground.

He stepped over it, peered around the next corner and counted a mob of nine zombies.

He whispered to himself, “This is not a fight, this is about getting them away for the house, onto the street and far enough to give me time to run back, pick up Eula and her shit then drive off.”

He walked around the corner then called out, “Hey zombies, want to play a game?”

They all stopped their random walking and door pounding, looked directly at him with their blood red eyes, then began to shamble and shuffle and groan their way towards him.

Kevin climb the short fence and guided the mob to the gate, they were not exactly obedient, but as soon as the first one succeeded in walking through the gate, the others followed like lemmings.

They gave chase from that point on. He only needed to walk slightly faster to ensure his own safety, and made sure no other zombies popped out in front of him. Which a few did, but it was not a drama to avoid them.

He did note that they were surprisingly quiet when walking.

After ten minutes, he had gone from nine zombies to thirteen.

He said to himself, “There is no fucking way there are only a few hundred of these things.”

With that said to himself, he jogged away and made his way around the block back to Eula. He opened the car door, packed her things into the back seat, then returned to Eula.

He gave he a few polite shakes to wake her up, she opened her eyes a little and was barely aware as he said, “I am going to pick you up and take you to the car now.”

She gave a tired nod.

Five minutes later she was in her sat, buckled in and good to go.

He got into the car just as the thirteen zombies he had led away were approaching the house again. To himself, or Eula, he said, “Did they just come back, or were they redirected?”

He turned the car on then drove the car onto the road. The man came out of the house yelling at him, so Kevin put the window down to hear him.

“Can I come with you?”

Kevin was about to say yes, but before he did, he asked, “Have you had RedEye?”


“I am sorry mate, but no. But I will come back in a week to check up on you. If you are alive, I will pick you up. Have your shit together though.”

The man called out, “Mate, my wife is a zombie. I can’t stay here.”

“Find another house. Until you have RedEye, it is best you stay here. I promise I will come back for you.”

He put the window up as the yelled at him in fear and panic. He put his foot down to get away quickly.

Eula said, in her half dead voice, “You shouldn’t have promised that to him.”

Kevin said, “I know. I hope I can make it back for him.”

“Kev, he is as good as dead. Just don’t make that kind of promise again, okay?”

He drove to the end of the road, looked for the signs to reach the highway but was not sure on which way to go. He looked around and saw people getting into cars, some were sick, others not. He saw dozens of zombies in every direction.

He checked the fuel gauge and guessed he had several hundred kilometers of fuel. He wanted to fill up soon, it was hard to figure out how long it would be possible to get petrol easily.

For now, he needed somewhere away from most people, somewhere most people would not go to as an initial thought, and a place that was close to a small town with decent services.

As the car sat on the intersection, waiting for Kevin to decide which way to go.

As the zombies who were close enough to hear the car changed direction towards the car.

Kevin pondered his destination.

He had many options, but the one that kept returning to his brain was a forest near Castlemaine. Hardly anyone went there for camping because it lacked basic services like toilets. But he had been there several times. He knew how to get there, he new it was rarely visited, had firewood and a town was relatively close.

It was perfect.

A zombie banged on the passenger window, giving him a shock. They locked eyes for a few moments, then he put his foot down and drove off.

It took about one and a half hours to get there. The free way was getting busy with people escaping the city, it wouldn’t be long before it became clogged up. He turned off when almost everyone else was still heading North.

The few cars that followed his lead ere looking for back roads North. Kevin headed West, into farmland, the hills, then forest. He found the small side road that looked like it led to nowhere and drove onto it. The gravel road was dry, so he drove slowly to reduce the amount of dust being thrown up.

Before he realized it, he had found the campground.

It was empty.

He nudged Eula awake, she was already looking better, more color in her skin, her eyes had lost the blood shot color and she moved as if she had some energy.

She asked, “Where are we?”

“This, my dear Eula, is home for the night.”

“Is it safe?”

“Yeah, I think so. I normally pitch the tent over there, but it might be better to sleep in the car tonight.”

She stretched her arms, yawned, then said, “I am hungry.”

“I will prepare the meal, Madam.” He got out of the car then pulled out the cooking gear.

Eula said from her seat, “Hey Kev, thank you for coming.”

He looked at her through the car, then said, “No worries. I am just glad I have someone to be with. I don’t think I would be here if you had turned.”

“So, we are square then?’

“Fuck no, I had to shower you and, seriously, you really stank a lot. You still owe me one.”

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