Part Eight

They slept in the car.

The idea of putting the tent up when zombies could be around made no sense at all. Kevin pondered whether it was worth having at all, then decided that some shelter is better than none. If they were forced to use it, good camouflage would stop the zombies from finding it easily.

Kevin woke with the sun. Before leaving the car he did a scan of the clearing. Once he was out of the car, he stretched, cleaned himself as best as he could, then pulled out a large plastic container that Amanda had bought with their savings. She bought four of them.

It made sense to Kevin to load one up with dried food. But he wasn’t sure what her thinking had been with the containers. Then it hit him when he saw the small shovel.

Eula woke up with a stretch inside the car. She said, “Shit, I still feel like shit, but I am surprised how well I feel compared to yesterday.”

Kevin said nothing, so she turned around then said, “Are you okay?”

Kev looked up, a slightly blank look on his face. “Yeah, I am fine. Hey, I think Amanda was some kind of genius when it comes to zombie apocalypses. First, she spent our money on food before money became fire starters. She got these plastic containers, which confused me until I saw the shovel. She was planning to bury the food in them. I was thinking about burying everything here, but it makes more sense to bury them in different places, right?”

Eula looked confused, “Look, the sun is just getting up, my brain doesn’t jump start for a few hours, so, can we stop with the brilliance in the morning?”

Kev still had a blank look on his face. He said, “She is gone, and she is still smarter than both of us.” Tears were welling up in his eyes as he said, “I need to focus, if I get lost in grief, I will be a burden that kills us.”

Eula got out of the car, went to Kev and gave him a hug. They spent the first hour of the day holding each other while Kevin grieved. Eula did as well, Amanda had been a close friend of hers for years.

Together they purged.

Kevin gathered himself by picking the container up, Eula grabbed the shovel. She pointed to a tree that look like a good place holder. “Over there.”

They spent the next few hours taking turns digging and packing the container then burying it.

It was approaching midday by the time the task was done.

Eula said, “That was harder than it looked. I am so glad it is only October, imagine doing that in the full heat of summer in a few more months?”

Kevin turned on the radio, found the local radio station and they both listened.

“…. situation is beyond recovery. A State of Emergency has been declared. Be advised that the government is unlikely to be able to assist many people, please do what is required to remain safe and assume you are not going to be saved. Store water in bathtubs, ration food, stay indoors. Do not approach the Infected, they are violent and dangerous. It is legal to kill a zombie as they have been deemed dead and controlled by the virus. Do not approach them…….”

Eula turned the radio off.

She said, “Well, shall we assume the world is going to hell and it is never going to go back to what it was?”

“Yeah, I think that is a safe assumption.”

They both sat in the car quietly contemplating their new existence.

Eula said, “I always wanted to have a big house.”

Kevin laughed a little. “Well, if we live long enough, there will be plenty of big houses to choose from. Although, the zombies are a complication.”

“Yeah, fucking zombies. Hey, how many zombies do you think there will end up being?”

Kevin said, “Well, seven billion people. Last I heard the death rate was 90%. So, that is 6.3 billion zombies. And 0.7 billion people.”

Eula whistled her surprise. “That is a lot of zombies. And it is not hard to think that of the 700 million left, most of them will be killed by zombies.”

Kevin added, “Then more will die from starvation, the elements, being trapped and who knows what else.”

For a moment they both sat quietly.

Eula said, “That means we are both very lucky to be alive and away from the zombie shit storm.”

“It also means that the shit storm will find us eventually. We need to find other people and find them fast.”

“Where would most people go, though?”

“Army bases? Islands maybe?”

Eula scratched her head a bit. “Where are the army bases around here?”

“A few are in Melbourne, but they won’t last. There are a few scattered around the State, but I have no idea where they are.”

Eula pulled out her phone, got online and began searching. Within minutes she said, “Albury and Puckapunyal. And Puckapunyal is only about one hour’s drive from here.”

“Cool, on the way we can bury another load of food, stop in a town to fill up and catch up on the news. Hopefully the towns haven’t been hit hard yet.”

Eula smiled. “We have a plan.”

“Awesome, lets smash this zombie apocalypse in the head then.”

They got into the car, drank some water, ate some food, then drove down the road. They made it back to the freeway without issue, although they took note of how many extra cars there were from yesterday.

When they made it to the freeway, Kevin stopped the car on the bridge going over it to take a decent look. The cars were slow moving and the line stretched to the horizon.

Eula said, “I don’t think Kyneton will have any petrol.”

Kevin added, “Or supplies.”

Eula said, “This is very bad. Do you think heaps of people are heading to Pucka as well?”

“Yeah. Our clever plan is not so clever if everyone is doing it. It sounds like a fricken nightmare of an idea. What do we do? Still go and be part of the new community, or wait for the main shit to finish hitting the fan then go there?”

Just as Eula was about to answer, a car swerved off a lane and collided with another car. Brakes slammed on then noses smashed into tails. There was screaming as doors were opening. The car that had swerved had a woman trying to get out of the car, but was being dragged back into it.

A few men rushed to help her by pulling her out, they dragged a zombie out with her. The zombie stood so a man punched it in the face. The zombie latched onto his arm and sunk its teeth into his forearm.

More screaming.

More people tried to help but the zombie would not stay down. It bit three more men before they backed off. By that point, the woman was convulsing on the ground.

Eula was shaking in fear, Kevin felt ill.

Kevin asked, “Is that woman turning into a zombie already? She was only just bitten.”

Before Eula could answer, the woman zombie stood, grabbed a man from behind and bit him in the neck, his blood spurted out in gushes. He fell to the ground screaming and trying to stop the bleeding.

The traffic had come to a standstill, car horns were being blown, screams were becoming common as the small mob of three zombies took turns grabbing and biting as many people as they could. Those who died were standing up within minutes to join the carnage.

Kevin said, with his voice shaking with fear, “Holy fuck, we really need to avoid everywhere there are people. We need a better plan.”

Eula looked at Kevin, her eyes showed her terror as equally as Kevin’s. She said, “Get us away from this, I can’t watch it anymore. Please Kev, drive now.”

Kevin put his foot down and drove.

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