Web Novel: Hells on Earth

The latest chapters are below.

The story is progressing nicely for me. I will not give any spoilers away other than I am enjoying writing it. In the coming weeks I will have over twenty chapters in waiting. These chapters will be used to set up my Patreon subscription offer.


Hells on Earth: This is a new series. A zombie story that is not a zombie story. Zombies is the start of something much bigger. Three chapters per week

For web novel writers

I have been working on a process to turn a story that is free to read into an income.

I have gone from very simple ideas of just selling the ebooks, to convoluted plans that meant a lot of extra work and complexity. While I enjoy complexity, most people just want to see a couple of options, decide on which one, they buy it.

Since I want to do my part to help other web novel writers to make an income so we can all rise up and take over the publishing world one piece at a time…. think a bunch of micro businesses taking out a global company because people want to support the individual rather than a faceless company that sucks writers dry and takes control of their work…… I decided to share my story for others to learn from.

Simply put, this is how I will do it.

  1. I post Hells on Earth on Wattpad and RoyalRoad. This is my cornerstone story. The one that tells fans that I can tell a story well and you can trust that my other stories are good. It is also my audience builder. But how do I get people away from those sites to my site you ask?
  2. I give them an extra five chapters on my site. They WILL like it enough to want five extra. This is my chance to gather their email address or permission from them to send weekly notifications. This is building my fan base.
  3. At this stage, my fans can read what is here for free and I would be happy. Some people will be happy to pay me a small subscription for extra chapters or as part of paying me for the enjoyment they get from my work. These people can either…..
  4. Subscribe to my Patreon offers or…..
  5. When the ebooks become available, they can buy the ebook for $2.99 from me directly or on Amazon. I will sell the ebook to them in PDF, mobi and epub. In time, I will end up an entire book ahead, in that case people can simply buy the ebook to avoid the drip fed web novel.

When my fan base reaches about 1000 paying subscribers, I will enter the realm of merchandise. Between now and then I will commission to get god artwork of the zombies, and other characters. I then find cool quotes that the fans like, then offer things like mugs, t-shirts etc using a made to order service provider.

I am also writing other stories.

I am unsure if I will drop feed the other stories though. I might just sell them as an ebook only. Or, when Hells on Earth is finished, introduce another story. Or I may overlap by introducing the second story while Hells on Earth is wrapping up.

In the end, I need to find a way to transition from one story to another one because, at the end of the day, Hells on Earth can’t go on forever. My guess if it will take me about three years to complete the entire story. That is over 500,000 words, or five novels worth. To me, that is time to close the story before it becomes boring to read and write.

But, I have two other books being written at the same time. Not zombies, but, hopefully, still compelling enough for my fans to stick with me.

This is my plan moving forward and it will remain the same from this point on.

Do you have a business plan for earning from your stories?

Author Update

I hear some people like to know more about the person behind the story.

This is slightly out of my comfort zone given I like to keep to myself, but then, I do want to be a well known author and meet my fans.

Stupid irony, you are a cruel mistress.

I am going to drip feed things about my life and figure out what my fans want to learn about me through their questions.

Firstly, why zombies?

To begin with, I need to give some background info on me.

I am 51 years old with four boys. Two live in New Zealand with their mother. Two are with me in Australia. I am getting on a bit but I am very concerned about the future of my kids. The changing climate is going to put stresses on our global civilization to a point where things will end up falling apart.

While climate will increasing become worse, it is unlikely to be the event that brings us to our knees. What will do it is something and stupid as a global war for resources like oil, water and food. Migrations will happen a scale that is unstoppable. Basically, the future is fairly screwed up.

I am quite open about this with my kids because it seems wrong to hide the potential bad events to come. Plus, it mixes in well with my philosophy of living each year as fully as you can, regardless of what predictions are there for the future.

This is why I have lived in three countries, worked a variety of different job types, traveled to twenty three countries and a whole bunch of other stuff. Life is meant for living, not giving up because things look like it will be crap later on.

Wrapped up in this is a need to prepare myself and my family for the bad future. Things like being fit and capable all the time. Long bike rides, walking, swimming.

It includes learning more about edible weeds, trapping, learning how to butcher animals, understanding fire, and how to find information from books and libraries. While it is next to impossible to know ho the collapse will happen, or when, it is possible to control what you know and what you can do and to know how to learn what you do not know.

Basically, I am preparing for a crap future for myself and my kids while maintaining my belief of living life in a full manner.

Zombies…. well, they are a way for me to personalize an event. Climate collapse does not talk, it is too slow for us humans to truly comprehend given most people only stress about the next three to five years. Ten years…. nobody cares and they keep hoping for someone else to fix that issue. Basically, while climate change is going to seriously mess with us all in the coming ten years, for a book, it is boring.

Zombies put a face to the challenges required to survive a hostile environment. They are slow moving yet deadly. One is not a problem, much like a single storm is not a problem. Five or six would be big trouble, but not a problem that we can’t deal with, much like a hurricane or large earthquake, tsunami or volcano.

But billions of zombies worldwide within a few week? Well, that is not something we can deal with at all. And that is what climate change is. It is survivable, but what happens on the other side will not resemble what we have now.

This is how I treat zombies. It is why I am using them to tell my version of a survival story.

Still, Hells on Earth is not just a zombie story, there is more to it. BUT, no spoilers.

Anyway, this is why I like and use zombies.

Any questions? Just throw it in the comments or ask me on Twitter.