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Reading my stories is free, always will be.

Paying me to write the stories is something you are decide to do.

I figured, in an upside down world, I would rather let you read my stories for free than charge you unwillingly. If you feel my work is worth at least $1.00 per month, then I feel the need to provide you with a way to do that.

You see, reading is free, life is not.

I am not treating my writing like a hobby, it is my job. It will be how I make my living.

When I can do that, I will not need to get a job. A job that takes time away from writing the stories.

So, here is my offer.

You can read the stories for free, no hard feelings, life is good.


You can become a small part of the income I need to continue writing forever.

If my work is worth $1.00 per month to you, please pay me.

Click the button below, it will take you to Patreon, a site that collects donations for artists and passes it onto the artist, sign up, then make the payment at the level you feel works best for you.

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