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Readers like to read……

Writers like to write…..

Sounds like a fair deal.

What I also need is an income. My wife likes money, I like money, my kids like adventures that sometimes requires money.

While I would love to share every story I write to readers for free, it does not sit well in a world where money matters.

To this end, I have an offer for you to resolve my money thing, and your reading my stories thing.

Hells on Earth is my only free to read story from start to finish and always will be. Hells on Earth is ten chapters ahead of free to read chapters when you upgrade.

Every other story, either ongoing or completed, has the first ten chapters for you to read. This should be enough for you to decide if it is worth paying for more. You can find these stories below.

Should you decide you enjoy these stories, and want more, you have options to buy them.

Membership Subscription

$2.00 per month after that
$16.00 per year

Ongoing stories are updated one chapter per week. I typically write three ongoing stories at the same time. This means you get to read three novels worth per year plus Hells on Earth.

You can read ongoing stories, completed stories, and get the new chapters as they are published.

Buy the Books

The eBooks cost $1.99 and have about 50 chapters each.

I sell the ebooks using a third party site called PayHip. You will get epub, mobi and PDF. The reason I sell via PayHip is because they have secure servers and offer more methods of payment than I can as an individual. On another side, I also earn far more money per sale than on sites like Amazon yet it costs the same amount for you.


You can donate either $1.00, $2.00 or $3.00 per month.

This is a donation situation. If you only like and read Hells on Earth, you can offer to pay me once a month at the value you decide to pay. I have not thought of ways to encourage people to donate yet, but I will eventually.

That is it…..

…… this helps you read more for a small amount and I get to earn an income from my story writing.

Test read the stories, each one has ten chapters to give you ample story to decide whether you want to pay for more.

If so, thank you.

If not, thank you for visiting and I hope you read Hells on Earth for free.

One email a week with every chapter and update

The zombie apocalypse begins.

But that is only stage one of a far worse plan.

This story is free to read from start to finish. It is ongoing.
Updates three times a week.
When you upgrade you will be ten chapters ahead of free access chapters.

Read Hells on Earth Here

His plan is to go from outcast to King.

But things do not go according to his plan.

First ten chapters only.
Paid version is updated one chapter per week.

Read Mbala the Goblin Here

Homeless, alone and stupid.

Until he takes some pills he finds on the ground, as you do.

Then, weird shit starts to happen, like, his virtual reality character appearing in front of him.

First ten chapters only.
Paid version is updated one chapter per week.

Read The Summoner Here

We all know about the famous vampires.

We all know how vampires are created.

But we forget to ask the question of how the first vampire was created.

If you want the answer, this story is for you.

First ten chapters only.
Paid version is updated one chapter per week.

Read First Vampire Here